Auto assistance in Warsaw: Accident on the road? It has nothing to do with me. I am a good driver with many years of experience and I drive carefully, what can go wrong? Most drivers think so. As you can easily guess, there are all kinds of situations on the road and it is not necessarily our fault. By a twist of fate, we may end up in the wrong place at the wrong time, and tragedy is inevitable no matter what.

Because we can’t predict everything, it’s a good idea to be prepared for situations where you need help on the road. Therefore, every driver should understand what roadside assistance can provide and why it is sometimes better to call the appropriate service than to try to fix the vehicle yourself.

Scope of services provided by roadside assistance

The roadside assistance services offered are extensive and, contrary to appearances, are not limited to towing or transporting a trailer, even though they are one of the most common activities. What roadside assistance services does it offer?

  • Fuel delivery – each of us can forget about refueling, and this is not a reason to be ashamed. Instead of fooling around and calling everyone, let’s call roadside assistance right away and they’ll deliver the fuel where it’s needed. The bracket can also be useful when the tank is full but the fuel is not suitable,
  • Replace a flat tire – not every time there is a spare in the car, and even if there is, not everyone can replace it. If for some reason we cannot change the wheels, let’s call the experts who will take care of us,
  • Immobilizing or removing the vehicle from the scene of an accident – When we encounter an accident or a fender-bender, it’s perfectly normal to feel jittery and have trouble thinking properly. However, a damaged car cannot be left at the scene. Should be transported by roadside assistance,
  • Pull the car out of the ditch – In difficult road conditions, our moment of inattention can end up being buried or ended up in a ditch. Then the most reasonable thing is to call a tow truck that will pull the car out and put it on its wheels.
  • Emergency starting of the vehicle – we can also call roadside assistance when the battery is discharged,
    Removing the keys locked in the cabin – this does not only happen in movies. When this happens to us, automatic help can save us from trouble,
  • Minor repairs on the road – there may be cases when the car does not obey, but the fault is not too serious, so no problem, we can eliminate it on the spot in a relatively short time. Roadside assistance can take care of repairs,
  • Towing or delivery of the vehicle to a towing service – alternatively, when the car is not suitable for further driving and cannot be repaired on site, a good roadside assistance will tow it or deliver it to a mechanic or another address indicated by us,
  • Vehicle rental – what if we do not have a car for technical reasons? We need to call roadside assistance and report the desire to rent a car over the phone. At our request, it will be transported to the place where we left off, and the broken car will be towed away by professionals and we will be able to continue driving.

Towing your own truck – why not make money?

Towing seems easy. You need to know the relevant regulations and know how to do it in a proper and most importantly safe way. Someone who has never towed a car before should not even do it. However, if they do not want to listen to advice, then unfortunately they have to take into account the inevitable consequences of their own decisions. As a result, they consciously risk their health and even life, which also applies to other road users. You may also be fined for improperly towing your car.

Roadside support – when can we use the services of professionals?

In most cases, we have access to roadside assistance 24/7. Such services are provided by companies in Warsaw. This is a big help for the car owner, because we don’t really know when something unpleasant will happen on the road. For example, while we can simply predict when fuel will run out, it’s completely impossible to predict whether we’ll be involved in a car accident or a car accident. In addition, you can never be sure that our vehicles will not break down while driving. So 24/7 roadside assistance is a very good solution for each of us.