Pawnshop Warsaw: Sometimes we are potentially interested in using the services of a pawnshop, but we do not really know what we can bring there, and what the process of obtaining money looks like in such locations. Lombard Warsaw – contrary to appearances, this is not a complicated issue – it is worth getting acquainted with a few basic rules.

What is a pawnshop sale? What material items can we pawn there? When will the institution not accept the lien from us? What are the advantages and disadvantages of pawning in a pawnshop? To get answers to these questions, we invite you to read the article below, which will surely dispel any doubts of our readers.

Selling in a pawnshop – what is it?

Customers very often use the term sale in relation to a pawnshop, which is not entirely correct. Why? It turns out that the reason is relatively simple. In such facilities, we are only able to pawn items. This is a limitation of the right in rem established for the benefit of the creditor until the liabilities are settled. In the vast majority of cases, this period is one month. After the expiry of this period of settlement, the pledged items are forfeited and become the property of the pawnbroker.

As a curiosity, it is worth mentioning that in pawnshops we receive cash for pawning things – transfers to bank accounts are not possible, which we should not forget. If you have never opted for this type of service before, then it is worth realizing at this point that the subject of the pledge is usually movable property. Valuable items are pawned, among which jewellery, gold, radio and television equipment, household appliances, watches, works of art and military equipment are most often distinguished. In pawnshops, getting money is called a secured loan, but it can be compared to payday loans and other non-bank products.

What tangible items can we pawn at the pawnshop?

In pawnshops you can pledge a lot of items, but it is necessary to meet one condition – they should have a material value. At this point, it should be emphasized that the Warsaw pawnshop is not obliged to accept our item – sometimes we have to accept that the decision is negative. However, this does not change the fact that we can go to another facility – perhaps the movable property we brought will be accepted.

However, what can we pledge in the title institutions? The most common items include: platinum, gold, silver, tablets, laptops, mobile phones, cameras, power tools, works of art, paintings, fishing equipment, sports equipment, military equipment, stocks, bonds. It is also worth mentioning about jewelry, watches, music equipment, electronics and household appliances, scooters, bicycles and antiques. Historical collections and various securities are welcome. Some pawnshops even take real estate and cars as collateral.

When will the pawnshop not accept our collateral?

Despite the fact that in the vast majority of cases, the Warsaw pawnshop will accept the pledged item from us, there are situations in which the transaction will not take place. One of the most common reasons for cancellation is unacceptable and serious damage, including screen scratched. In addition, many pawnshops are small premises – the owners are not able to place large items inside, such as a refrigerator and a washing machine.

In addition, pawnshops are not very willing to take clothes as collateral – even if they are expensive. In extreme cases, a fur coat or a designer wedding dress is pawned, but in practice such incidents are relatively rare. We also do not count on pawning furniture. It is not important their condition, or even the fact that they are historic or modern.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of pawning in a pawnshop?

There is no denying that the Warsaw pawnshop is a great place where we can get some money for current liabilities. However, before we decide to use such services, we should first pay attention to the advantages and disadvantages of this solution. Thanks to this, we will realize whether the pawning of valuable property will be tailored to our needs and expectations, which in this case is of key importance.

At the beginning, it is worth mentioning a few advantages. First of all, after giving the item for collateral and signing the contract, we will receive cash immediately in hand. The entire process of pawning items takes relatively little time. If necessary, it is possible to postpone the repayment date. What is worth emphasizing, the owners do not check debtors’ registers, and such facilities are open to the public and usually open even 6 days a week. Unfortunately, we will receive funds in the amount for which the pawnshop will value the pledge. We must also not forget about the relatively high interest rate, which is associated with high costs.