Lots of people willing to work! Every country is driven by its citizens, right? Taxes, an ever-expanding economy is on the shoulders of the entire community. That’s why we try to avoid unemployment so that everything can function properly. As history shows over the years, it’s not quite that simple. The shadow economy, where most of the income comes from illegal sources, will certainly not disappear.

It’s important to keep this in mind because we often hear about unemployment bars in the news, right? The state works on discipline and tries to bring disobedient citizens back on track. Each country has its own principles that it glorifies and professes. We cannot make decisions on our own. Some of our actions must be consulted with someone “in advance”. You know that people will always work on the side. It depends on the amount of taxes that are imposed on citizens.

Each civilization has a different tax system. The one in Poland is ungrateful and we can often meet with the motto “death and taxes are certain”. Despite the lack of people willing to perform heavy duties, our economy is doing great. Thanks to this, we will find work for Ukrainians.

No hands to work?

Social systems often support citizens in every country. They are absolutely necessary, because then we know that we do not pay taxes in vain, right? However, some actions of the state authorities do not bring positive results. And this is how the so-called gray zone is created, where people try to work on their own without outside support. Our economy is constantly growing and we need hands to work all the time.

It’s not that simple, because the additional benefits in the form of five hundred plus for each child do not motivate you to take up any work, right? That is why we can often find work for Ukrainians  . More and more people of this nation appear in our country in search of prosperity. This may reflect well on our economy, as in the past we also migrated to Western countries in search of better living conditions. However, the lack of willingness to work among our compatriots does not translate favorably into many aspects.

Savior work!

As mentioned earlier, good social benefits are not a motivation to get a job, right? That is why there is a lot of work for Ukrainians in our country. People from poorer countries travel in search of better living conditions. This is a reasonable approach, because here in a month they will earn a lot of money. However, in their home conditions, it is difficult to support a family on a monthly salary. This also proves the significant development of Poland, as foreigners take up employment with us.

It is the same situation as in the past, when We were looking for better opportunities to earn money. However, such measures do not reduce unemployment. Consultations with entrepreneurs indicate that there are no employees for specific positions. Let us remember that this is not about the lowest national rate, but about really good benefits. This should be seriously considered.

Work – in what fields?

Work for Ukrainians is most often found on the construction site, or anything that involves physical work. Of course, you can’t generalize, because there are different cases. As you know, a construction niche is a very hard and demanding craft. That is why people often avoid such ways to earn money. However, coming from distant countries, we are not able to consider such dilemmas. We’re just taking a well-paying job, right?

Flying abroad, you also find niche professions that are impossible for the local community. Construction work requires a lot of experience. Therefore, each of them starts as helpers, because they need to become proficient in a given profession. It happens that working for Ukrainians  absorbs them so much that they move to Poland with their families and stay in our family walls for good.

As you can see, there is a lot of work for Ukrainians in our country. Poles do not want to take on some duties because they have a high state benefit and do not have to work. This is an unfavorable approach to the matter, as such restrictions have a negative impact on the economy as a whole. It should also be remembered that in all this there are also people employed “in the dark”. The gray economy never sleeps and there will always be citizens who will want to use this road. Therefore, the state must be vigilant and should send new solutions all the time to alleviate this conflict related to unemployment.

Fortunately, we are on the right track, as conditions in Poland have improved significantly. Working for Ukrainians takes a kind of massive hit, because we often find foreigners in our country, right? Especially, as mentioned above, we will notice an upward trend of this nation in niche or physically demanding jobs. There we will find the largest percentage of Ukrainians. Remember that you cannot generalize!