Operating in the service sector is, or rather can be quite a profitable business. Especially if we want to run a one-person business or employ, for example, only one – maximum two people. Success in this industry, however, depends on the fulfillment of several conditions, without which our adventure with our own business will probably end soon. Let’s look at the basic assumptions.

Building your own brand and good relations with the client

Most often, the situation is such that we start working completely privately, i.e. without setting up our own business. This is not 100% legal, but in most cases there is no other way. Starting your own business as a hairdresser, beautician, etc., without having a modest base of trusted clients, is extremely risky, and in fact there is no way to do it other than by gradually providing services. Over time, however, there will always be a situation where, in order to be able to meet the growing expectations of customers and their increasing number, we will have to set up our own salon. In such a situation, we are secured in terms of the revenues of our company after its start.

Cosmetics wholesaler and other suppliers

When we run a business that focuses on providing beauty services, we need to be able to order large quantities of different cosmetics. It is not without reason that a cosmetics wholesaler is not a rare sight in our cities. A cosmetics wholesaler, in addition to cosmetics, often also has various types of professional equipment. Another way to supply our salon is to establish cooperation with sales representatives of various beauty brands. Both the first and the second option have their advantages. A cosmetics wholesaler is a stationary point where we can come at any time and buy the accessories and equipment we need. In the case of cooperation with sales representatives, we usually have to anticipate our needs well in advance, and in return we can count on individual sales conditions.

The quality of cosmetics

Regardless of whether the place of our supply is a cosmetics wholesaler, the Internet or we buy from a sales representative, we must remember that cosmetics should be of high quality, preferably from professional lines. We must remember that the client, going to the salon, expects a higher quality of services than he could provide himself at home. For example, if a woman wants to dye her hair, she can do it herself, but when she goes to our salon, she expects to have a larger selection of colors and the dyeing effect will last longer. Professional hair dyes and other cosmetics actually provide this type of effect. In addition, many of them are in a more concentrated form, so we can use them longer. They are simply more efficient and ultimately their higher price does not have to be to our disadvantage. They are dedicated primarily to people who can use them.


Operating in the cosmetics industry without proper training is possible, but not advisable. There are also cosmetic procedures that cannot be performed without the appropriate permissions. For this reason, even if we already have skills high enough to set up our own salon, it is good to undergo appropriate training or training, if only for this reason, to have “paper”, although usually we will learn something about our industry that we did not know . However, training is sometimes required or recommended. For example, if we have a device for laser hair removal in our office, the lack of its correct operation may cause harm to our clients, which of course we cannot afford.

Price list

Running a beauty, hairdressing or other beauty salon requires that the price list of our services allow us to earn good money, but on the other hand, not to scare customers. Of course, we must take into account the cost of cosmetics, our own work, rent for the premises, etc. The price list should also be adjusted to the place where we provide services and to the target group of customers, otherwise we may have a problem with filling the graphics.

Service quality

Working with a client is not always pleasant or easy. Plus, people are different. Some go to the salon to talk, while others do not feel comfortable when they have to talk to us during the service. It is good to understand these issues, both for our clients and for ourselves. Just because a client isn’t talkative doesn’t mean they don’t like us. Likewise, if we hit a “talker,” it doesn’t necessarily mean that person realizes that we are sometimes too overwhelmed after a long day’s work. It is good to learn on your own or during appropriate training how to “stop” or “encourage” customers to interact so that it is comfortable for them and not too tiring for us. It is very important that we enjoy our work.