A bachelor party may not be an old Polish tradition, but it is certainly one that has become a permanent fixture in our culture and rather, we can expect that this situation will not change soon. Usually, a bachelor party is organized by the person who is selected as the groom’s future witness. The witness is actually quite a difficult duty, because of course the wedding is the most important element of a person’s life, but the bachelor party is also considered one of the most important events of this part of a man’s life, which we call the bachelor state.

The date of the bachelor party

We will discuss here a few things that are related to the organization of a bachelor party. This can be treated as a kind of advice, especially for people who face this type of challenge for the first time, because, for example, they also have no one to consult in this matter. Sometimes in various types of groups of friends, it happens that someone will get married first, and then this one of the people selected as a witness faces the challenge of organizing a bachelor party.

The first thing we should think about is the date of the bachelor party. Usually, the bachelor party takes place a week before the wedding, but it may happen that this date is not optimal. As you know, all sorts of things can happen at a bachelor party, most often it is quite heavy with alcohol and various types of, for example, bodily injuries, such as a limo under the eye, can remain as a souvenir after such a bachelor party. This type of even a slight bodily injury to the witness or the groom may cause that the wedding ceremony will not run in the way dreamed of for this person, and for this reason, it is best to plan a bachelor party a little earlier. Of course, we should not exaggerate this term either, because in a bachelor party it is also important to feel the upcoming change in the person to whom such a bachelor party is dedicated. Most often, various types of advisers (because there are, for example, companies that organize stag parties and advise on their organization) suggest that a bachelor party should be organized 3 to 2 weeks before the wedding, because if something actually happened on such an evening, there is still time to wedding to deal with all such vicissitudes.


The second thing, of course, is what attractions will await the future groom and the rest of the participants at such a bachelor party. It is generally accepted that a bachelor party is in fact an event quite generously sprinkled with alcohol, where there is a striptease, and in addition, even before the main bachelor party really begins, the participants most often indulge in various types of entertainment, for example paintball or going to the amusement park and the like. The first thing to note is that striptease and a large amount of alcohol are not obligatory. More and more often it happens that bachelor parties are, let’s call it, less traditional and this is very often due to the fact that we get married as we get older, so our dream fun at the age of 35 will not necessarily be the same as as we would dream at the age of 25.

First of all, however, we should pay attention to the fact that such certain key aspects related to the bachelor party should be arranged with the groom. The first thing is that, for example, the groom himself may not necessarily want a stripper at a bachelor party. Still, it’s better to have this sorted out. For example, if we hire a stripper, it would be good if the future groom himself consciously consented to it. As for other attractions, of course, it would also be nice if they suit the groom, but they should also be attractions that will suit at least most of the participants, because if everyone has fun, then the bachelor party can be considered successful. If only the groom has fun.


The last thing we should think about is the place where we will celebrate the bachelor party. We will talk here about the two main concepts and what their pros and cons are. The first concept is that we celebrate relatively close to our place of residence, i.e. primarily in the country, and secondly, relatively close to where we live. The second option is, for example, a trip abroad, i.e. quick weekend trips to Barcelona, ​​Prague and other entertaining European capitals. It’s really hard to say which of these solutions is better. A lot here depends on how we want to have fun and what budget we want to allocate for such a bachelor party. It is also an important matter to plan, i.e. how much will we spend on average on such an evening per person.