A healthy lifestyle is one of the most important trends in recent times. A very large number of people change their eating habits and undertake broadly understood physical activity as often as possible. This phenomenon is also associated with the growing popularity of personal trainers. In today’s article, we explain who exactly a personal trainer is and advise on what to consider when choosing one. This is a must-read for anyone who would like to use the services of such a person in the near future.

Personal trainer – who is it?

Choosing a personal trainer is not an easy task. At the moment, there are so many personal trainers on the market that making the right decision in this regard can make us dizzy. A personal trainer is a person to whom we entrust our own body and health. So how do you go about choosing a personal trainer? Where can you find such people? Answers to these questions below.

The profession of a personal trainer is no longer regulated. This was changed by the Act on Sport passed on June 25, 2010 and the Act on amending acts regulating the performance of selected professions of June 13, 2013. People who obtained the professional title of a personal trainer before the entry into force of these regulations, of course, still have their qualifications and can boast about them. At the moment, however, professional titles such as sports instructor, coach of the second, first or master class have no meaning from the point of view of Polish law. This means that at present anyone can consider themselves a personal trainer. For this reason, it is very difficult to determine what competences a particular trainer has.

Where can you find a personal trainer?

How to find a personal trainer who will help us achieve our goals – for example, losing weight or increasing muscle mass? This is a question that a lot of people ask themselves. The best way to find a good personal trainer is certainly the recommendations of our friends. People who have already tested the services of a specific personal trainer, are undoubtedly the best to advise us whether a given person is trustworthy or not. When asking for opinions of friends, it is worth asking what their exact impressions and feelings about cooperation with a given trainer are. Of course, everyone has different requirements – some prefer a strict and very demanding trainer, while others prefer a calm and cheerful one. It is therefore worth remembering that the fact that a given trainer did not appeal to a given person does not mean that we will not like it.

Another idea to find a good personal trainer is to visit a nearby gym/fitness club where we train. If we choose such a solution, it is worth checking carefully how individual trainers work at the gym. Thanks to such observation, we will gain quite a lot of information about specific trainers. We will get to know their methods, way of working and the level of involvement in the conducted trainings. If we observe a trustworthy trainer, it is worth approaching him and asking about the possibility of consultation. Another option is to ask at the reception of a given gym, as a personal trainer is the best. Sometimes the receptionist’s recommendations may not reflect the facts.

A personal trainer from a search engine – a good idea?

The next solution is to look for a personal trainer via an internet search engine. For this purpose, you can enter the phrase “ personal trainer [city name]” . In such a situation, our eyes will certainly see a whole lot of various websites run by personal trainers. However, it should be borne in mind that a well-positioned website by a personal trainer does not at all prove the high quality of services provided by him.

Social media

Another way to find a personal trainer is to browse social networks such as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Thousands of trainers and personal trainers operate on these types of websites. Their profiles are usually run in a very professional manner – you can find there photos and example instructional videos of individual exercises. Before making an appointment with a specific trainer for training, it is worth checking carefully what content he posts on his profile.

How to choose a personal trainer? A few tips

Before choosing any personal trainer, you should arrange an initial consultation with him at the very beginning. We strongly advise against undertaking long-term cooperation with someone with whom we have not had a single training session yet. Before the meeting, we also need to think about what our expectations are from the coach. Are we looking for support, learning how to perform individual exercises or maybe something else? Do we care about regular or occasional meetings? Do we want to have a diet plan or the opposite? All these questions need to be asked in advance because they are extremely important.