We all know that one of the most important factors in building a brand is attention-grabbing advertising. Marketing is the lever of commerce. In the era of broad access to the Internet, advertising has moved from short annotations in newspapers and television to the Internet. One of the methods of building awareness among potential recipients is creating content on company blogs and fanpages. In order to achieve a satisfactory conversion, you must win the race in the Google search engine rankings. How to create content so that it is highly positioned? Can we commission someone to position our company’s website? Learn some tricks that will help you promote your website and increase traffic on it.

Traffic in the capital

Warsaw is a dynamically developing city where new businesses are emerging all the time. If you are reading these words, you are probably one of those entrepreneurs who are wondering how to effectively attract the customer’s attention. There are many ways to do this, but in this article we will focus on SEO content. We start building awareness among potential customers with the website of your business. Dry content alone is not enough for the Google search engine to promote our website in the top. We have to take care of that ourselves. There are plenty of ways to improve your ratings. Below we will focus on the aspects that will inevitably help us position our business website.

Attention! An alternative to working with content yourself is to outsource such work to a good marketing agency or freelancers with an appropriate portfolio. Then we will be sure that the content will be in line with the SEO structure, and thus generate more organic traffic within the company website. There is no shortage of good marketing agencies in Warsaw, so it is worth considering this issue.

SEO structure and search results

Condensed masses of text of dubious substantive quality and glaring language errors make the website similar to spam. No one will want to use our services and buy our goods seeing mediocrity on the website. Poorly constructed content will be punished by search engine algorithms, which will place our site at the bottom of a long list. As a result, hardly anyone will click on it. How to avoid this and promote your website as best as possible? We have condensed a few iron rules of SEO positioning especially for you. You have 100% certainty of success.

      • Copy paste. In the language of copywriters, the process of copying existing content is called duplicate content. By focusing on duplicating long-existing content on the web, we run the risk of search engine ostracism. Google robots immediately catch such content and throw it to the very end of a long list. By betting on duplicates, we condemn ourselves to lower search engine rankings, and thus practically zero organic traffic.
      • Key phrases. One of the key principles of positioning, and any honest positioner will tell you that, is to search for the right key phrases. To do this, you need time and access to basic tools to help you in this task. Google provides you with such tools. The most popular is the Keyword Planner.
      • Linking. This is another issue that determines the popularity of your websites. Running company blogs is a great solution for you, dear entrepreneurs. Link the appropriate phrase referring to a specific subpage of your store. The essence of good SEO texts are external and internal links.
      • Google Analytics. Be smart. When looking for the right key phrases, check what the competition is saying in the grass. Let the exact top appearing in the search engine interest you. Check what keywords are on these pages and in what form the content is so well positioned. Let this be a hint for you. If guides or specialized texts are highly rated, bet on them.
      • content. Bet on original content. The more attractive the language and form, the better for you. Good sales texts are written using the AIDA rule. What is behind this acronym? Let’s enumerate the components of this abbreviation: attention, interest, desire, and action. The text should contain all these features. Paint pictures, create desires and sell. Let every lead of your articles encourage you to continue reading. The first few seconds are the most important for every recipient. If you encourage them properly thanks to the Call to Action principle, you can be sure that the reader will spend a few minutes to finish reading. Who knows, maybe he will click on the link in the text and end up on your website?
      • SEO and text formatting. The search engine rewards texts that are written in accordance with the principles of SEO. What does it mean? It means more or less that the texts on your blog or shop page are divided into short leads and headings (H1, H2, H3). Key phrases or fragments of content that are important from the recipient’s point of view should be bolded. It’s also good to keep a listing.

I don’t have time or knowledge. What to do?

When running a company, we do not always have time to run a company blog and position the company website. Then we have no choice but to hire specialists who will do it for us. The market of positioners and copywriters in Warsaw is abundant. In the capital, there are reputable and proven marketing agencies associating good copywriters who are on your terms with SEO positioning. If we suffer from a lack of time and appropriate skills, we can use their services. Specialized freelancers with a rich portfolio can help us to the same extent as the aforementioned agencies. It is worth considering their participation in brand building and consumer awareness.