More and more people use the services of a masseur every year. Massage can have a different character – healing, relaxing, but it can also have a rejuvenating effect. Nevertheless, the question remains, how much does a massage really cost? we answer.

Massage under the National Health Fund?

Many people wonder if they can have a massage under the National Health Fund? This is the most advantageous option in financial terms, because we do not pay a single zloty for such a massage. Nevertheless, the massage for which the Fund will pay is not dedicated to everyone. Well, only people with serious health problems can use it. Usually, doctors recommend massage to people after severe accidents or strokes. Sometimes it is helpful in cancer. To use massages under the National Health Fund, we will need a referral from a doctor. Many patients confuse massage with rehabilitation. Saying that they go for a massage under the National Health Fund, they actually use the help of a physiotherapist. Meanwhile, physiotherapy may or may not be a massage.

How much does a therapeutic massage cost?

If we do not have a referral for therapeutic massage from a doctor, we have to pay for it out of our own pocket. How much exactly does a massage like this cost? It is difficult to answer this question unequivocally, because the price depends on which part of the body is to be massaged. We will pay about PLN 150 for a general therapeutic massage of the whole body. This is the amount required by masseurs per hour of work. Nevertheless, we can also opt for a shorter massage. Then we will also pay about PLN 50-100. Therapeutic massage is recommended for people struggling with rheumatism, injuries, muscle pain and headaches. It is often used by people after heart attacks, strokes or accidents. Then the massage is somehow combined with rehabilitation. The benefits of a classic, or therapeutic, massage are also appreciated by people living in chronic stress. Fatigue is also an indication for this type of massage. It’s about relaxing the right parts of the muscles, which will help us rest effectively.

How much does a relaxing massage cost?

Very similar prices apply to a relaxing massage. In general, it is not much different from the massage in the general version. The difference is felt only when massage is combined with rehabilitation. Nevertheless, we will pay about PLN 150 for an hour of relaxation massage, as in the case of a therapeutic massage. Therapeutic massage is also often offered by SPA centers and specialized rooms. More and more it is said that relaxing massage is not only the proper technique of placing hands on the body. The atmosphere also plays a significant role, including aromatherapy. For this type of massage with various types of amenities, we will have to pay a bit more, around PLN 200-250. If we want a relaxing massage of only one part of the body, for example the neck, the price will be lower and will amount to about PLN 100. The hot stone massage also has relaxing properties.

The cost of a slimming massage

Currently, more and more people use massage for slimming purposes . It is true that such a massage only supports the process of losing unnecessary kilograms, but it can also help to properly shape the body. Among the slimming massages we can choose: Chinese cupping massage, roll massage or lymphatic massage. Chinese cupping massage is the cheapest, as we will pay about PLN 100 for it. Roll massage will be a bit more expensive – its cost is PLN 150. Lymphatic massage will cost us from PLN 50 to even PLN 250. It all depends on which part of the body is to be massaged.

The cost of a rejuvenating massage

Anti-ageing treatments are very popular not only among women, but also among men. Massage can also help the skin regenerate and thus prevent aging. Facial massage is the most popular here. It lasts about 30 minutes and costs from PLN 40 to PLN 80 for one treatment. Some salons also offer other types of rejuvenating massage, but usually it is lymphatic massage, which is classified as a slimming treatment. In fact, improving blood and lymph flow in the body can also have a rejuvenating effect.

What does the price of a massage depend on?

Above are the prices of the most popular massages among customers. Nevertheless, keep in mind that these amounts apply to a single session with a masseur. Meanwhile, in many cases, we have to go for a massage not once, but several times. Therefore, the price automatically increases – sometimes up to several thousand zlotys. We will definitely pay more for a massage in well-known and reputable centers, for example SPA. Slightly smaller amounts are offered by masseurs who run their own private practice. We will not pay anything for a massage performed under the National Health Fund. Nevertheless, we must remember two things here. Massage on the National Health Fund can be performed only in special cases. In addition, we are talking only about therapeutic massage, not rejuvenating, for example. The National Health Fund does not reimburse this type of treatment. We have to pay for them out of our own pocket.