Which accounting office do we recommend? In the current conditions of running a business, an accounting office is actually a mandatory support for an entrepreneur. On what principles can a universal instruction of an accounting office be appointed? What features should an accounting office stand out in order to gain the trust of customers and thus be successful?

1. Which companies does the accounting office support?

Good accounting firms usually provide services to the self-employed (sole proprietorship) and companies. Company settlements are already at an advanced level, so you can assume with high probability that the person responsible for your interests understands current legal standards. In Poland, a company is practically the only sensible form of tax optimization.

2. Does the accounting office advise entrepreneurs before setting up a business?

The signing of the contract for the provision of accounting services should be preceded by a precise analysis of the needs in terms of optimizing the form of doing business. Many accounting offices take over all the formalities regarding the registration of the first business and enable a smooth transition to the performance of selected professional duties. Most of the experienced accounting offices are in contact with officials from the Tax Office and the Social Insurance Institution on a daily basis, which facilitates the resolution of minor conflicts on an ongoing basis, and even slightly preferential terms using appropriate negotiation techniques.

Help in starting a business is an important issue, because not every entrepreneur knows how to use preferential contributions and does not know what financing opportunities he can launch. The first business is always a stressful prospect, especially in highly uncertain domestic conditions.

3. Does the accounting office maintain tax advisory services?

In many cases, keeping full or simplified accounting goes to a slightly higher level, i.e. to the level of tax consultancy that allows you to generate high savings on levies or better secure the profits earned so far. Tax advisory services are a distinguishing feature of the best accountants, because they are associated with the idea of ​​a “company without ZUS”, or with highly advanced practices of dividend payment, creation and sale of companies. Some tax advisors are also involved in restructuring businesses.

4. Does accounting take responsibility for actions taken?

Liability insurance is the basis for the functioning of accounting consultancy, but you also need to understand a very important thing. It is the enterprise that is exposed to losses in the first place and it is the entrepreneur who is responsible for the errors with his property, not directly the accounting office. In the event of an error, the entrepreneur explains himself, but of course with the support of the accountant. However, distinguish the levels of responsibility and regardless of the quality of the accounting office, ensure the compliance of settlements and try to establish the standard of service provision so that you can easily check them, whether in terms of timeliness of submitting tax returns or other issues.

The accounting office conducts negotiations with the US and ZUS, or navigates faster in more serious conflicts. In critical situations, you can provide accountants with virtually all information about the company in order to determine the best protection strategy. More and more often, accounting is combined with lawyers, notaries, and other specialists influencing the behavior of the spirit of entrepreneurship in the legal conditions of the functioning of the economy.

5. Do you have to worry about the price list of accounting services?

In fact, the accounting office sets the price list flexibly depending on the scale of accounting documents. What does this mean in practice? If you run a small business, you are just starting, you have few invoices to issue, you will pay correspondingly less compared to larger corporations. This is a rational principle that gives a chance for development with full protection of specialists.

6. Stationary or online accounting?

As a rule, the hybrid format works best, in which, on the one hand, you issue online (electronic) invoices and you have contact with an accountant in more serious matters, and believe me, these will certainly occur. The price list of the accounting office also changes over time. A loyal, large customer usually receives better, highly personalized support. An accountant understands such a business a bit better and is able to advise on an ongoing basis compared to smaller businesses that are just emerging on the market.

Pure online accounting requires a lot of knowledge from the entrepreneur and consumes a lot of time. Automated systems are a great help, but the additional payment for the services of a classic accountant is practically pennies in relation to efficiency, so consider this cooperation model as a priority.

Why is it worth looking for a recommended accounting office?

To put it simply, you cannot run a thriving business without an accounting office and you risk a lot, because accounting spends a lot of time analyzing current legal standards. Virtually every mistake in filing a declaration costs money, and entrepreneurs find themselves in an even more difficult position due to the political pressure to the so-called. sealing the economy.