What tow truck winch? Choosing the right tow truck winch can be quite problematic. However, this is not surprising if we consider how many devices of this type can be found on the automotive market. Nevertheless, it is worth focusing on some aspects that will greatly facilitate making optimal decisions.

What should we know about a car winch? Car winch power – what does it depend on? What pull in the case of a car winch will be sufficient? Why is an electric winch worth attention? The answers to these questions can be found in the following article, which we cordially invite all interested readers to read.

What should we know about a car winch?

Car winches are quite popular these days. In the past, these devices were used in a special way to transport individual loads. It looks a bit different today – the latest production methods are used, as a consequence, slightly more advanced models are created. When international maritime trade was developing, winches were most often driven by the power of our arms.

Currently, it looks much better, because advanced electric motors are used. Thanks to this, the small dimensions of the devices are able to pull even large loads without any problems. As a curiosity, it is worth mentioning that some winches are able to pull 5.5 tons. The set weighs an average of 55 kilograms, which is why the disproportion is huge. When choosing a winch for a tow truck, we should focus on such models. Rental of tow trucks should be preceded by an inspection of the winch, because it is the most important in the field.

Car winch power – what does it depend on?

Since we already know the basic information about the car winch, it is worth taking an interest in the issue of what the power of the car winch depends on. The pull depends on how much horsepower the winch has. Of course, the more of them, the better, because it is associated with a greater pull.

What about the voltage? In the vast majority of cases, we are dealing with 12 V or 24 V models. In practice, these values ​​\u200b\u200bare standard. Equipping yourself with a solid winch, you can be sure that the tow truck will always be helpful. So renting a tow truck can be a hit.

What pull in the case of a car winch will be sufficient?

Some people may wonder what towing capacity a car tow truck winch should have. To realize how important this issue is, you should be aware that most of the actions in the field at the helm of the tow truck will take place in unfavorable weather conditions. This is when the largest number of collisions and accidents occur, which is of course understandable. For drivers, however, it is important that in such conditions we can encounter additional resistance when pulling cars out of fuel. That is why it is so important to invest in winches that are able to pull even several tons. It is a hit even when we do not plan to transport heavy vehicles.

Renting a tow truck must therefore be carefully thought out – hasty decisions may turn out to be unfavorable. It is worth realizing that standard passenger cars are able to fit in the weight range, which oscillates between one and two tons. However, we can often deal with heavier vehicles. If you have a tow truck, it is worth choosing copies that are at least 5 tons. This is a value that will make it possible to pull even delivery vehicles.

How to calculate whether it will be possible to pull a given vehicle? Contrary to appearances, it is not difficult. Simply multiply the maximum vehicle weight by a fixed value of 1.5. Of course, the base pull applies only to ideal conditions. In fact, the problem will be uneven, slippery ground.

Why is an electric winch worth attention?

You don’t need to be a specialist to be able to conclude that there are many different winches on the market. However, electric models are the most popular. For example, manual copies are too weak, while mechanical ones require the engine of the vehicle to work. Hydraulic winches, another type, are very heavy, so they are recommended for larger types of vehicles.

When it comes to electric winches – they are reliable, at the same time they cope well in extreme conditions. It is true that they draw lines a little slower than other types, however, due to a number of other advantages, this solution is the most recommended. The use of the electric winch can be controlled on the vehicle tow truck. We have full control over what is happening, thanks to which the pulling process will be carried out fully correctly and safely.