The art of replicating characters from manga, anime, video games, and other heroes is all about role-playing and is very popular today. But do you need to learn how to sew cosplay at home to become a hero imitator? Cosplay as a new hobby that originated in Japan and America and has conquered the world over the years. Its essence is to play your favorite characters from cartoons, comics, movies, video games and even real people from the current media life.

The complexity of cosplaying depends on the complexity of the costumes, details and rendered images. Some cosplay models make money from their creativity, for others it’s just a hobby. There are many themed festivals and communities where you can show off your cosplay or chat with others.

How to sew a cosplay?

A really good cosplay requires the necessary elements, such as hairstyles or a nice wig, makeup, clothing, accessories that reflect the visible face of the hero. Most cosplayers, including professional cosplayers, create at home or with friends. It’s a really fun hobby, but it takes a lot of time and effort. The characters have very different levels of difficulty: from magical aliens that can only be mastered by professionals, to ordinary schoolboys.

One of the hardest things is making cosplays. Why? Outfits that perfectly reflect the image of your favorite hero are the basis for obtaining an original look. It is also the most expensive element of cooperation, so it is worth preparing for such work in advance. Different items of clothing can have different complexity, which can sometimes be difficult to master on your own. Using very good materials and templates can give good end results. Ready-made clothing can be purchased online or in regular stores.

Preparation for sewing cosplays – choosing a hero

You can choose any character, whether it’s a TV series, a game, a cartoon or a popular movie. As a hero, you can choose an Englishman or a Japanese, a person or even a representative of a friendly alien civilization. If you are a girl, you can play a male character and vice versa. Let your imagination run wild.

Create cosplay costumes

Analyze the weather conditions first. Sure, on a hot July day you can wear a forest spirit or a samurai made of thick cloth, but after a few hours of wearing the coser will resemble a frying pan. Similarly, Apollo clothing is not the best choice for winter. You need to think about what clothes you like.


Divide the garment into details. This will facilitate the work and help in estimating its number. Every detail should be analyzed individually. Check how much time and effort it takes to search and execute. Sometimes a modification of stylish gloves, hats or shoes is enough. You need to try to find shoes that match the original as much as possible. Never wear sneakers with a smart outfit. First you need to visit a fabric shop, a local craft workshop. Perhaps during your visit, inspiration will arise and you will be able to create one or more details or find the material you need. To choose the right materials, be sure to print a photo of your character in clothing.


You can start with a trip to the thrift store. Maybe you’ll find something there that can be easily converted into what you need. For example, a light turtleneck, a black jacket and a skimpy skirt can be customized into several different cosplay outfits. It is worth buying patterns, samples and other designs. Everything you need to make cosplay clothing can be bought at a fabric store: buttons, zippers and other accessories. For cosplay costumes, elements made of thermoplastic material or Eva foam can be useful, you need to buy them at a reasonable price.

Choosing the right role-playing material

To make it easier to choose the right fabric, you need to think carefully about all the details. The fabric has its own characteristics. For example, they can glow under certain lighting conditions. Select threads, fasteners, and other properties. Then draw a sketch and cut it out. To do this, you must first take all the necessary measurements. Try on and put on the outfit, then wear it around the house. When moving, you need to check if it is comfortable. If not, it’s best to know ahead of time and make adjustments to avoid embarrassment at the cosplay meeting.

Get ready in advance

Of course, you can learn how to cosplay the day before the event and have time to make the costume yourself. But after a sleepless night, you are unlikely to enjoy the party. The creative process of sewing cosplay costumes at home is fascinating. However, in order to strengthen the image of the played character, it is worth changing the hairstyle. If your hair is the wrong length or color, you can wear a wig. In fact, there is no point in wasting time and energy reworking old stuff. It is easier to sew new patterns by using an existing pattern or sewing kit.
From year to year, cosplay became more and more popular, gradually developing from a pure hobby into an independent field of contemporary art. Cosplay is on the borderline of acting, photography, modeling and even fashion. For this reason, cosplay sewing must be thought out and carefully done. Don’t worry if you don’t have a nice frill, coat or hat, there are ready-made cosplay costumes in the shop, choose the character that best describes you.