What to look for when choosing breeches? Equestrian enthusiasts know that breeches are the perfect solution for horse riding. These are well-fitted models that protect against friction and do not restrict movement during the expedition. Since these models are sportswear, they have certain features that distinguish performance breeches from everyday models.

Differences occur in the cut and properties of the material and features of the fit. In addition, different breeches are produced for each season. Light and breathable products are needed in summer, and insulated and windproof in winter.

Features of riding pants

Riding breeches have been designed for comfortable and safe riding. They have no seams, which eliminates friction. They provide a good fit and better control while riding. The presence of non-slip inserts makes the pants not only comfortable during use, but also prevents them from slipping off the saddle.
The anti-slip element is called a funnel. It can be full or incomplete.

Breeches with a full-size leather or silicone seat are chosen by beginners who find it difficult to stay in the saddle and feel discomfort when shaking. Experienced riders are satisfied with the incomplete seat, which eliminates the feeling of sticking to the saddle. The season of the year also influences the choice of riding trousers. Summer models ensure breathability and prevent sweating while riding.

What is most important when choosing breeches?

  • The right size, the pants must fit perfectly
  • The silicone funnel improves flexibility and adhesion, while the leather funnel provides better durability of the product
  • The leg finished with an elastic insert will certainly make you feel better comfort around the ankle
  • The height of the pants at the waist, it can be medium or high waisted
  • Modern material that is responsible for breathability and flexibility.

Breeches with a full seat protect against quick abrasion of the material, their inner side is trimmed with additional material.

What do all riding pants have in common?

  • High wear resistance
  • Tight cut
  • Increased comfort
  • No internal seams
  • Practicality and crease resistance.

Winter breeches can be made of natural or synthetic fabric. If the models are made of natural materials, they are better suited for the summer, in winter the fiber composition is not so significant. Synthetics have their advantages, which are best manifested in the cold season. For example, synthetic breeches are easier to use, easier to wash, dirt repellent, more flexible and do not stretch with intensive use. On the other hand, cotton breeches are hygroscopic, do not create a greenhouse effect and are more skin-friendly.

Particularly noteworthy are denim breeches, which outwardly resemble ordinary trousers, but differ in touch and cut. Wearing regular jeans while riding is highly undesirable, as the likelihood of corns and abrasions is very high. Rough denim can hurt your skin and cause discomfort while riding.

The so-called denim riding pants are very soft and have no internal seams. As a result, they look like regular models, but still have all the advantages of classic equestrian clothing. Some women love riding pants so much that they are ready to wear them every day. However, there are no contraindications, it is a real outfit with increased functionality, which not only looks unique, but is also quite expensive.

Breeches design options

It would seem that the rider’s wardrobe should not be overly varied, because the main task of equestrian clothing is to protect and ensure comfortable conditions while riding. However, each production company has its own vision of fashionable equestrian clothing. In this regard, there are a variety of breeches with an interesting design, unusual colors and even non-standard textures.

The classic solution is white breeches, but although they look attractive, they are still not considered practical. Now you can find sports trousers in dark colors: chocolate, emerald, mustard, gray-blue. Checkered breeches deserve special attention. They look very stylish and are suitable for creating interesting stylizations not only in equestrian sports, but also in everyday life. No matter how beautiful the riding breeches are, the main criterion when choosing them is comfort and fit.

Everyone should feel comfortable while riding a horse. Therefore, before buying, it is necessary to try several options for breeches many times. When trying on, it is worth moving, bending and sitting down. Only then will it be possible to judge how well they fit the body and whether they hinder movement. As for the price, the rule here is: I’m not rich enough to buy cheap breeches. Yes, models from leading manufacturers of equestrian equipment cost much more, but they are functional, durable and safe, which is important when choosing pants for equestrian sports.