A quick guide to women’s shirts: The shirt is something of a classic in both men’s and women’s wardrobes. Undoubtedly, it is worth having at least a few shirts in your collection that will work not only for elegant outings, but also for everyday use. Currently, clothing stores offer women’s shirts in almost every color and pattern and with various cuts. Regardless of how old you are, what style you prefer and what type of figure you have, you can undoubtedly find something for yourself among them!

Different types of women’s shirts – how to choose the best one?

Women’s shirts can be more formal or casual. The former will be perfect as an element of work outfit or styling for a school exam. On the other hand, casual, less elegant proposals can be successfully worn every day, for shopping, meeting friends or even a date. The most elegant shirts are called formal and business. They usually come in bright colors and must have long sleeves. The shirt should fit well – not too loose, but not too tight either. If you are looking for the perfect work shirt, you can opt for a fitted model.

Delicate sidecut will beautifully emphasize your figure, and the shirt will still look tasteful and elegant. Of course, women’s shirts work well not only in the office or business meeting. Many women also like to choose them during everyday activities. In this case, it is worth deciding on clothes of a less formal nature. Recently, oversized shirts that look like borrowed from a men’s wardrobe are extremely fashionable.

Contrary to appearances, such a large shirt can look very feminine and romantic. It is also impossible to omit denim shirts and iconic checked flannel. They are simple to style, but give a really great effect. The classic shirt has a small, stiff collar. However, in the offers of many stores you can also find women’s shirts with a stand-up collar. with a decorative tie around the neck or a spectacular jabot.

The material, color and pattern of the shirt – what to pay attention to?

When choosing a shirt for yourself, it is worth considering not only the visual aspects, but also the quality of the garment. The material from which the shirt is made should be airy and pleasant to the body, and at the same time keep its shape and not be susceptible to creases. A good choice will be a women’s shirt made of 100% cotton. Some ladies prefer models with a small admixture of polyester or lycra. Thanks to this addition, the shirt is more flexible, fits nicely on the figure and is easier to iron. In the summer, a shirt made of linen will be perfect. This natural material provides the skin with high thermal comfort and allows it to breathe, and at the same time looks nonchalant and luxurious. It is true that linen shirts are prone to creasing,

Avoid shirts made of artificial, non-breathable materials. You will not feel comfortable in them, and poor quality will be visible at first glance. When it comes to colors and patterns on shirts, the possibilities are almost endless. The most formal is, of course, a plain white shirt. For work, you can also choose a model in a light pastel shade, for example in blue or pink.

This season, women’s shirts in violet and nude are also fashionable. If you feel like a more extravagant look, you can put on a shirt in some expressive, eye-catching shade. Fuchsia pink, blood red or emerald green are just a few of the proposals. Many ladies like to choose shirts with floral or plant motifs. They look extremely feminine and intriguing. Models with geometric patterns, vertical stripes or small polka dots look equally beautiful.

The most fashionable stylizations with a women’s shirt in the lead role

Are you running out of ideas on what to pair your shirt with? On the Internet you will find plenty of inspiration that will stimulate your creativity and open your eyes to combinations that you have not considered before. A long-sleeved business shirt looks best with a pencil skirt or elegant, fabric trousers, such as cigarillos. If the dress code in your work allows it, you can combine it with a more fashionable element that will give your outfit a unique character, such as wide palazzo trousers or an oversize jacket.

When it comes to a checkered shirt, it’s best to pair it with a loose-fitting printed T-shirt, boyfriend jeans and colorful sneakers. This look will probably never go out of fashion! Women’s shirts also look great in the company of various skirts. The denim model can be the basis for creating a denim total look. Don’t be afraid to pair it with a denim skirt and neutral shoes. If this style doesn’t appeal to you, you can opt for an outfit that includes a shirt, a leather midi skirt and fashionable high heels or boots.