What paving stone for the sidewalk? Regardless of where the paving stone is located, it will certainly perform its optimal function. Unfortunately, her choice is quite problematic. However, it is worth paying attention to several key factors that may be important from a practical point of view.

How to choose the thickness of paving stones? How to choose its color? What size of the cube will be the most optimal? Does the timelessness of the material matter? In order to obtain answers to these questions, we invite you to read the following article, which will certainly dispel any doubts readers may have.

How to choose the thickness of paving stones?

Before we finally decide on the optimal thickness of paving stones, we should carefully consider how the square will be used. To understand this a bit better, let’s look at some examples. For example, if the load is not too high, then nothing stands in the way of using paving stones with a thickness of 4 cm. It is with such paving stones that we can successfully lay all garden paths , terraces or other surfaces where only pedestrian traffic takes place.

In a situation where the surface is slightly more loaded, i.e., for example, it is a garage driveway, then the optimal thickness is 6 cm. But what to do when the surfaces will be intensively exploited, and at the same time they are exposed to very high loads? It is then worth buying a cube with a thickness of 8 cm. If we select the thickness of the cube in advance for the function, then we can be sure that the surface will be durable and durable, at the same time it allows us to optimize costs. What is it all about? If it is possible, then in places less exploited, we can use a thinner, and at the same time cheaper, paving stone.

How to choose the color of paving stones?

There is no denying that when it comes to laying paving patterns, they can be very diverse. Remember, however, that the color cannot be accidental, otherwise the square will not look interesting visually. It is worth limiting the number of colors while taking care of aesthetics. From a practical point of view, a variety of concepts are used.

It is popular to match color to color depending on the color temperature. Warm colors are combined with warm ones, and cool ones with cool ones. As a consequence, it is possible to avoid dissonances or aesthetic clashes, which is a priority for many.

Does this mean that the cube cannot be arranged in a contrasting way? Nothing more wrong! Sometimes such unusual solutions can turn out to be very interesting. Each time we choose a color we should think carefully – everything must be done with taste and intuition. We cannot afford random patterns.

What size of the cube will be the most optimal?

We already know what thickness will be the most optimal, as well as how to choose the color of paving stones. Now it’s worth knowing about its size. In this case, space is of the greatest importance. For example, when the surfaces are relatively large, then it is worth considering designing graphic patterns that are made of paving stones. This is a way to enrich the composition, as well as to diversify the space, thanks to which the given square looks even more interesting.

When it comes to modern buildings, it is worth choosing a simple pattern and limiting yourself to a maximum of three colors of the cube. This solution is also recommended for fans of minimalism. For small spaces, specialists recommend paving stones in a maximum of two colors. When using this method, remember that one color should be dominant and constitute the vast majority, while the other is only complementary.

Does the timelessness of the material matter?

Few people realize that in the case of paving stones, the timelessness of the material is of great importance. As you can easily guess – this surface located in the vicinity of our house is a long-term investment. That is why it is so important to choose universal solutions. Following fashion is only beneficial in the short term. It is likely that a completely different pattern will be popular next year, and we will not be able to afford another replacement due to the relatively high costs.

Definitely the most reasonable solution are universal and subdued patterns, which will be attractive and timeless almost throughout the entire period. If you do not know how to arrange your garden so that it looks interesting visually, then it is most reasonable to consult an architect. For an appropriate surcharge, he will advise you on what colors to choose, and at the same time he will plan what combination of cubes in terms of shapes and texture will be the most optimal in our case.