Our Swiss franc office in Poznań deals with the problems of frankers. We have experience in CHF cases and we have obtained a lot of judgments that effectively confirmed the defectiveness of loan agreements. Our lawyers are characterized by great commitment to matters relating to CHF loans, individual approach to each client as well as reliability in the preparation of documentation. 

What issues do lawyers from the franc office in Poznań explain?

There are many different issues that need to be clarified, for example, the differences between a denominated and an indexed loan in relation to the Swiss franc. Our lawyers explain in detail what is going on with banking irregularities that involve the banks setting the CHF exchange rate. Already during the consultation, a lawyer from our franc office in Poznań will discuss in detail what claims a given client is entitled to and in what amount.

The lawyer prepares the client to file a lawsuit against the bank, highlights such issues as: the duration of the process, cost, lawyer’s strategy, the possibility of winning and whether waiting longer with the lawsuit makes sense. Only with an effective and experienced lawyer in Swiss franc matters will it be possible to conduct a court trial that will be successful and recover the unduly collected money.

What mistakes are contained in loan agreements in Swiss francs – suggests a Swiss franc lawyer in Poznań

Do abusive clauses cover everyone who took out a loan in CHF? Abusive clauses are related only to consumers, and precisely this means that the loan was not taken out for business purposes. There are two solutions to minimize the effects of such clauses. Namely, the annulment of the franc contract and the unfranking of the loan.

Which method is more often used by our franc lawyers in Poznań?

The best effect is brought by the annulment of a loan contract concluded in Swiss francs. Why? Because the court decision on its annulment confirms that it was never concluded with the bank. And this results in the fact that both parties to the franc contract must return each other’s financial obligations. But no interest, insurance, commission, etc.

Our lawyer at the franc office in Poznań will explain what the credit defranking is all about? In other words, the removal of the valorization clause from the loan agreement in francs. The court’s decision confirms the validity of the concluded franc contract, but it is treated as if it did not have this clause. More precisely, the point is that the CHF loan taken out is converted into a PLN loan with Libor interest rate and margin.

The effect of unfranking the loan is a significant reduction in the amount to be repaid. In addition, the borrower has the right to claim from the bank the payment of the overpayment that arose after the franking, as well as a reduction in the value of the installments that remain to be repaid.

Is it always necessary to go to court to recover my claims from the bank?

Unfortunately, yes, banks do not want to voluntarily bear the consequences of abusive clauses they have included in loan agreements in Swiss francs. There is also no specific act that would comprehensively regulate the current situation of CHF borrowers. When consulting a lawyer from the franc office in Poznań, many of our clients are interested in who deals with the calculation of claims from the bank? Such calculations require knowledge of banking law and our economists deal with it. The correctness of such actions is controlled by a forensic expert.

What is the court procedure against a dishonest bank?

During the first visit to our Swiss franc office in Poznań, the lawyer focuses on the analysis of the documentation provided by the franc borrower. It checks the provisions in the CHF loan agreement and confirms whether it contains prohibited clauses. After confirming their presence in the CHF contract, he presents the client with a strategy of action and what benefits he can achieve by going to court. The customer obtains from the bank that granted the loan the entire history of repayment of the loan taken out in francs. We cooperate with experienced economists who, on the basis of the received documentation, make accurate calculations of the amounts due to a given borrower.

Is there a lawsuit now? We have experience in conducting such proceedings, which is why we start by submitting a complaint to the bank with a request for payment of documented claims. By signing a contract with our franc office in Poznań, we become the client’s attorney, so we handle all matters on his behalf without the need for his personal participation. The bank is obliged to respond to the complaint, which is usually negative. The next step is to file a lawsuit with the court.

Our lawyer shows up at every trial, presents evidence, takes care of the client’s interests and wins large sums of money in his favor. We have been successful in obtaining court judgments for our clients stating the annulment of a Swiss franc loan agreement or the defrauding of a loan. Do not hesitate to make a decision, assert your rights using the professional knowledge of our lawyers!