Photovoltaics in Bydgoszcz: in the modern world, technologies that allow the use of electricity, the acquisition of which does not harm the environment and ecology, have gained great popularity. First of all, we are talking about solar panels, which are becoming more and more perfect and efficient in use every year. Properly selected and installed photovoltaics in Bydgoszcz are able to provide your facility with ecological electricity.

We sell photovoltaic installations and components, install panels on the roof or on the ground and carry out service work. When accepting an order, we check the place where the photovoltaic is to be installed, taking into account the energy needs of your household or company. We select the appropriate power and type of installation.

Photovoltaics in Bydgoszcz are used for specific purposes:

  • Supplying electricity to facilities with no connection to the external municipal network and if the tariff or connection to the network is very expensive.
  • Energy saving if you already have a connection to the municipal network and want to pay less for electricity.
  • Savings and reserve in case of power outage.

What are photovoltaic panels from Bydgoszcz?

A photovoltaic panel is a combination of photoelectric converters (photocells) – semiconductor devices that directly convert solar energy into direct electricity. To date, there are two main types of panels mono and poly flint. The technology of using solar systems is developing very dynamically, at the same time improving the efficiency indicators (the ratio of panel area to its power), increasing the efficiency of the panels, increasing the lifetime and reducing the degradation of the panels. However, causing a significant reduction in the cost of panels on the market.

The photovoltaics installed in Bydgoszcz operate on the basis of a number of chemical reactions. Thus, the conversion of solar energy into electricity takes place in the structure of silicon, a semiconductor material that, when exposed to sunlight, generates an electric current. Photovoltaic modules (panels) are a general element of the construction of photovoltaic substations.

Depending on the silicon structure, photovoltaic panels are divided into:

      • Monocrystalline photovoltaic panels – created on the basis of a single crystal of silicon, grown from melted polycrystalline silicon, sawn and polished. The average efficiency of such batteries is up to 40% of the installed capacity.
      • Polycrystalline solar panels – are manufactured on the basis of polycrystalline silicon obtained by directional crystallization and sawn. The average efficiency of such batteries is up to 20% of the installed capacity.
      • Amorphous photovoltaic panels – they are made by applying a thin layer of silicon on a substrate of another material. The average efficiency of such batteries is up to 15% of the installed capacity.

Is it profitable to install photovoltaics in Bydgoszcz?

Nowadays, photovoltaics is developing at an incredibly fast pace, making the cost of a solar cell or panel more affordable. In addition, various co-financing programs are available, such as: Clean Air, My Electricity 4.0, refinancing part of the loan for photovoltaics, thermomodernization relief, Agroenergy. The selection and installation of photovoltaics in Bydgoszcz is carried out by professionals from our company, thanks to which you can count on obtaining maximum benefits from such a solution. Experts have extensive experience in performing such work.

If necessary, we are ready:

      • Choose the most optimal set of photovoltaic equipment and calculate the efficiency of its operation.
      • Install solar panels on the roof of the house or other suitable place and adjust them accordingly.
      • We will take care of any difficulties related to the maintenance of such equipment.
      • Of course, the installation cost will also depend on the price of the solar cell itself, the cost of the battery pack, etc.

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Secrets of professional photovoltaic installation in Bydgoszcz

Installing photovoltaics in Bydgoszcz or Brodnica is a complex process that does not tolerate errors:

      • We strictly follow the recommendations, so after the assembly is completed, you will avoid overheating and mutual shading of the panels.
      • When heated, the elements expand, so we leave a gap of at least 5 mm between the panels.
      • Installation of photovoltaic panels is carried out in such a way that the distance between the top of any corner and the plane passing through the tops of the other three corners does not exceed 5 mm.
      • We remember that the installation of solar panels on the roof is an additional burden. The equipment must not be placed close to the edge to avoid icing.
      • The angle of inclination should be such that the photocells capture the maximum amount of radiation, most often 45 degrees.
      • All components require grounding and lightning protection.
      • The electrical installation of photovoltaic panels is carried out in accordance with international standards and only after they are attached to the supporting structures.
      • Special cables and connectors are used to connect the panels in series, connect the inverter, charge controller and other system components to them.
      • Cable rating, fuses must exceed declared system power by 25%.

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