The car is a means of transport, without which many of us could not imagine life. For many others, it is something they can do perfectly well without. In the lives of both of these groups of people, there comes a moment when they have to reach for the services provided by a car rental company. When does this happen and how to choose a rental company that will fully meet our expectations?

When are car rental services most often used?

Although, which is quite obvious, the services offered by the car rental company are most often used by all those who do not have their own car, and for some reason need it, equally often they are decided by those who have this car, but either gave it for repair or for some reason they cannot drive it – they are the ones who most often decide on weekly or two-week rentals (those without a car usually prefer one-day or weekend loans, usually for a short trip). Also those who visit a foreign country and want to traverse it in a convenient and comfortable way decide on car rental services.

Features of the perfect car rental

If you want to choose a car rental, that will be noteworthy, we must first of all define our individual expectations. We are talking here primarily about the standard we aim at (you can rent both luxury cars and family cars, those that focus on prestige or those for which functionality is the most important), but also about the budget we have (a bigger budget is of course more possibilities). It is also important how long we plan to rent a car for – all these aspects will allow us to make an initial selection and choose only those rental companies that meet our basic expectations. Having an initial list of them, we can (and even should) pay attention to:

  • car fleet – although even before approaching car rental services, we often choose the car we want to drive, it is important that the rental company gives us a lot of choice; there is nothing to expect – it will not always be in line with our expectations, but it is important that it is simply the most diverse;
  • availability of vehicles – the fact that a given rental company publishes information about the cars it offers on its website does not mean that all of them are available “on the spot” – some of them may already be rented or repaired; it is important to find a company that will give us access to as many vehicles as possible for rent without having to wait long for their availability;
  • the appearance of the signed contract – when renting a car, it is necessary for us to sign the contract – here it is worth paying attention not to simply enter into something that we would not want to enter into; it is important that the signed contract is as clear as possible – we can be sure that any imperfections within it, if necessary, will be used against us by the company; it is also important that the contract is pro-consumer, not only imposing certain behaviors and rules on us, but also obliging the rental company to certain actions (for example, to provide us with insurance, which we will talk about in a moment);
  • additional services – it would be great if the rental company also gave us access to additional services, such as driving the car to our house; they contribute to our greater comfort, but also prove a professional and individual approach to us as customers;
  • flexible approach – the ideal rental company looks at our individual needs and adjusts its offer to our needs; although it is obvious to have a predetermined price list, it would be an advantage if it adapted to our individual requirements not only in terms of car preferences, but also a convenient rental period, for not quite standard terms;
  • availability of insurance – insurance is able to provide us with a completely stress-free rental; more and more rental companies insure their cars, but also the people driving them (in this case us) – if the company we choose has a full insurance package, good for us!
  • adequate price – we must ensure that it is properly matched to both the car we rent and the rental period we decide on; it is obvious that we are looking for the cheapest option – although price cannot be our priority, it is undoubtedly something important.


Finding a good car rental company these days is not the easiest – all due to the fact that there is huge competition on their market, and when choosing a car you have to take into account many aspects (after all, you are dealing with an expensive car). In fact, however, a large selection also has many advantages, allowing us to choose a rental company for our individual needs. Regardless of whether we need it only “for a while”, or whether it is about entering into a more long-term cooperation with it.